Stem Cell Laboratory


Equipment: LeicaTCSSP5 Confocal Microscope equipped for live-cell imaging.

Supported MethodologiesConfocal Microscopy, Epifluorescence Microscopy,3D reconstruction, Time-lapse Microscopy, FluorescenceRecoveryAfterPhotobleaching (FRAP), FluorescenceLossinPhotobleaching (FLIP)Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET), localized DNA damage.



Applications: Co-localization of multiple fluorophores within cells and tissues, functional imaging, proteininteractions in living cells, stem cell analysis, cell-based assays for drug validation. 



The Animal House in the University of Patras is a fully equipped facility located in the ground floor of the Medical School where animals are kept in conditions with regulated ventilation, temperature, light and relevant humidity, monitored on a 24 hour basis. They are housed more than 3500 small animals including transgenic and knockout mice, rats and rabbits used for research purposes by members of the Patras Medical School. The facility includes a fully equipped surgical room and rooms equipped for metabolic experiments. High standards of biosafety are preserved in all rooms, while the use of animals follows the 3R guiding principles (replacement, reduction and refinement).







Εquipment: Microarray ScannerScanArrayExpress(PerkinElmer), HybridiserHybArray12 (PerkinElmer), Bioanalyser 2100 (Agilent


Supported Methologies:Microarray Analysis, Microanalysis

Applications: High-throughput gene expression analysis, Genotyping, SNP Analysis