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Selected awards since 2004

  • 2020 Innovator Award provided by the Hydrocephalus Association for the study of scar tissue reprogramming towards functioning ependyma, the cells that line the ventricles in the brain
  • Best Oral Presentation at the 69th Panhellenic Conference of the Hellenic Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: «Geminin ablation and Cdt1 overexpression in vivo enhance tumorigenesis» 23-25th November 2018, Larissa . Spyridon Champeris Tsaniras, Michalis Petropoulos, Iosif Rodolfos Danalatos, Maria Villiou, Anastassios D Giannou, Sofia Nikou, Ioannis S Pateras, Paraskevi Tserou, Foteini Karousi, Maria Eleni Lalioti, Vassilis G Gorgoulis, Alexandra L Patmanidi, George Stathopoulos, Vasiliki Bravou, Konstantinos Anastassiadis, Zoi Lygerou & Stavros Taraviras
  • George Paxinos Award for best poster presentation in the 27th Meeting of the Hellenic Society of Neuroscience (HSFN): «Geminin deletion from early neural progenitors results in replication-stress related microcephaly» Athens 2017. Kalogeropoulou Argyro, Iliadou Marianna, Flordellis Stefanos, Lygerou Zoi,Taraviras Stavros
  • Best Oral Presentation at the 68th Congress of the Hellenic Society of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology: «Ablation of GemC1/Lynkeas prevents the generation of multiciliated ependymal cells leading to hydrocephalus» 10-12th November 2017, Athens . Kaplani Konstantina, Lalioti Maria-Eleni, Kyrousi Christina, Arbi Marina, Zoi Lygerou, Stavros Taraviras
  • Excellence Award in Biology “Fotis Kafatos” awarded by the Hellenic Life Sciences Society for “Mcidas and GemC1/Lynkeas are key regulators for the generation of multiciliated ependymal cells in the adult neurogenic niche” (Athors: Kyrousi C., Arbi M., Pilz G.A., Pefani D.E., Lalioti M.E., Ninkovic J., Götz M., Lygerou Z., Taraviras S., 2016
  • Excellence Award in Biology “Fotis Kafatos” awarded by the Hellenic Life Sciences Society for “GemC1 controls multiciliogenesis in the airway epithelium” (Authors: Arbi M., Pefani D.E., Kyrousi C., Lalioti M.E., Papanastasiou D.A., Taraviras S. and Lygerou Z.), 2016
  • Poster presentation award: Kyrousi Christina, International Congress on Stem Cells and Tissue Formation, July 8-11 2014, Dresden, Germany
  • Global Medical Discovery Award: Cdt1 is differentially targeted for degradation by anticancer chemotherapeutic drug
  • Poster presentation award: Kyrousi C., Spella M., Lygerou Z., Taraviras S. The mechanisms that govern self-renewal and differentiation decisions of the embryonic cortical progenitors are regulated by Geminin.25ο Conference HSN, November 2011, Patras, Greece.
  • Poster award from Hellenic Society for Neurosciences:“A Stathopoulou, D. Natarajan., M. Spella., D. Karamitros, Z. Lygerou, V. Pachnis, S. Taraviras, Investigating the role of Geminin in enteric neural crest cells, Days of Neuroscience, Hellenic Society for Neurosciences, October 1-2 2010, Athens, Greece”
  • Best oral presentation award: Spella M., Kyrousi C., Kritikou E., Lygerou Z., Taraviras S. Geminin represents a new regulator of cortical neural progenitor self-renewal and differentiation. 61st Conference of Hellenic Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, October 2010, Alexandroupoli, Greece.
  • Poster presentation merit: Spella M., Kyrousi C., Lygerou Z., Flordellis C. and Taraviras S. Geminin and Cdt1 delineate progenitors of the developing mouse nervous system. 2nd Bioscience Conference, University of Patrass, April 2007, Patras, Greece.
  • “Papanicolaou Cytopathology Research Award” for the study titled «Overexpression of the Replication Licensing Regualtors hCdt1 and hCdc6 Characterizes a Subset of Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinomas. Synergistic Effect with Mutant p53 on Tumor Growth and Chromosomal Instability. Evidence of E2F-1 Transcriptional Control over hCdt1. Karakaidos P, Taraviras S, Vassiliou L, Zacharatos P, Kastrinakis N, Kougiou D., Kouloukoussa M, Nishitani H., Papavassiliou A, Lygerou Z, Gorgoulis V. 30th European Congress of Cytology, Athens, 12-15 October 2004