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Dr. Stavros Taraviras was invited from Hydrocephalus Association to present our current research work at the Hydrocephalus Association workshop, “Driving Common Pathways: Extending Insights from Posthemorrhagic Hydrocephalus”, taking place on 4th-5th of November at Washington University in St. Louis. Insights from this workshop will help guide Hydrocephalus Association in its mission to find a cure for hydrocephalus and improve the lives of those affected by the condition, as the President and CEO of the Association, Diana Gray states. Dr. Taraviras, in his talk “Reverting Astrocytes to Ependymal Cells for Treatment of Hydrocephalus”, will discuss our pilot study on whether cellular reprogramming for the generation of ependymal cells is feasible and the potential application on the development of novel therapeutic approaches for treating hydrocephalus in the future.